Our Facilities


The school has a well-stocked library and a qualified, experienced librarian. The Library system here affords pupils the opportunity to read a variety of good books, make research and loan books.
The book loaning facility is also open to pupils who are not registered pupils of the school.


The Science lab is tailored to the demands of the growing technological society. Training skills such as analysing, synthesizing and verifying through experiment and evaluation are developed when hands-on activities are used to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn, question and grow in their ability to make intelligent decisions.


Our classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, age-appropriate and deliberately structured to meet our broad education programme, beginning in the nursery section. They have also been planned and fitted with visual aids/materials and interactive boards to incorporate interests, special needs and productivity of individual pupils.

Sick Bay

The School Sick Bay is positioned to cater for minor medical issues, while major issues are referred to the school's referral hospital. It is manned by a resident doctor, qualified nurses and other health personnel.

Creative Arts Studio

The School Creative Arts Studio boasts materials and equipment that stimulate the child's creative and artistic development. Activities in this studio are planned to incorporate interests, special needs and productivity of individual student.


Pupils are introduced at an early age (Transition/kindergarten) to Information Technology and e-learning, in keeping with the demands of our sophisticated world. Personalised laptops with internet services are made available for use by pupils during ICT and Booster programme periods. Pupils are made to carry out project work and do assignments using the computer. The desired outcome is that pupils obtain skills that may be applied to future careers and vocations.

Swimming Pool

Pupils during their weekly swimming lesson


Pupils on the outdoor Trampoline during Fine Motor activity.

Language Class

Lower Primary pupils having an intensive language lesson.

School Garden

Members of the Young Farmers Club at the School Garden